Konstruksiewerk op die hoek van Knysna- en Saasveldweg het impak op busskedules

George-munisipaliteit het aangekondig dat die opgradering van die Knysna- / Saasveldweg kruising hierdie week begin. Die projek behoort teen die middel van Desember 2017 voltooi te wees.

Motoriste word gevra om versigtig en geduldig te bestuur aangesien verkeersbane in Knysnaweg verminder sal word weens die nodige konstruksiewerk. Die feit dat daar minder bane is, mag lei tot verkeersopeenhopings wat ‘n impak op GO GEORGE-skedules kan hê en vertragings kan veroorsaak. Passasiers en werkgewers word versoek om geduldig te wees terwyl GO GEORGE alles in hul vermoë sal doen om vertragings tot die minimum te beperk.

Construction work on the corner of Knysna and Saasveld roads to impact bus schedules

George Municipality has announced commencement of the upgrading of the Knysna Road/Saasveld Road intersection, starting this week. The project should be completed by the middle of December 2017.

Knysna Road traffic lanes will be reduced to accommodate the required construction works and all users are requested to drive with extreme caution and patience.

The restricted lanes and resultant slower traffic flow might impact on the GO GEORGE schedules and lead to delays. Passengers and employers are kindly requested to be patient, while GO GEORGE will do its best to minimise disruptions and delays.

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The George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN) is a project aimed at launching a new and improved public transport system for George and surrounding areas.

GO GEORGE is operated by the public transport operators with existing services in the George area. The first trial phase launched on 8 December 2014, with routes rolling out in phases over the following months.

The aim is to provide a quality public transport service that is reliable, affordable, safe, convenient and accessible, and contributes to a better quality of life for all.

At the heart of the project is an empowerment model that sees public transport operators who were operating minibus taxi or bus services in George forming a company to deliver the new scheduled bus service in terms of a contract.

The George Municipality, with the support of the Western Cape Government, has negotiated a 12-year contract with this new company, in line with national government policy. Part of the agreement is that other public transport services cease to operate on the GO GEORGE routes.

The Municipality is responsible for the service, ensuring that safety, quality and customer service standards are maintained.

Buses will comply with the Road Traffic Act and the more specific requirements of the operator contract. Operators will be penalised if buses travel too fast, do not adhere to routes and timetables, are not clean or do not comply with several other contracted obligations. Drivers will be expected to drive considerately and within the law. Speed of the vehicles will be limited and buses monitored by tracking devices.