Fares & tickets

Single ticket on bus R12
Single ticket off bus R10
Multi-journey ticket (10 trips) R90

GO GEORGE has a distance-based fare system, with the majority of routes in and around the main George urban area falling within the 0-15 km range. The current ticket prices apply to this distance.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The GO GEORGE Smart Card is replacing the paper ticket system of the bus service from 15 November 2018.

To give all passengers enough time to get to a card distribution point, Smart Cards will be issued from 15 October. For visitors to the city, as well as passengers who don’t usually make use of the bus service, a single ticket can still be bought on the bus with cash, whereupon a printed receipt serving as a ticket, is issued. However, these tickets cost more than the prepaid trips loaded onto the GO GEORGE Smart Card and will require the buyer to keep the right amount of cash handy. We encourage all passengers to purchase their Smart Cards as soon as they become available.

Single-journey tickets

Single tickets are sold on buses (R12, cash only) and at vendors (R10) as listed below. On the bus, the driver will issue a ticket and validate it by having the date and time stamped on the ticket.

This will allow passengers to transfer, getting off one bus and on to another to complete a journey in one direction without paying more.

Just show the ticket to the driver on the next bus who will check that the transfer has been made within 1 hour of the ticket being validated.

Passengers are requested to have the right amount of cash (R12) ready when they buy tickets on the bus.

Multi-journey tickets

The cheaper and convenient GO GEORGE multi-journey ticket (MJT) is available to the public only at registered vendors all over town. This ticket currently costs R90 and is valid for 10 bus rides, a saving of R1 or R3 per trip, compared to the single-journey ticket (bought either off or on the bus). This brings the added convenience of buying once for a period of time, not having to carry cash, and speeding up the boarding process on the bus.

The list of vendors below is constantly updated as more vendors join the team.

Smart Cards

A Smart Card that can be loaded with trips will be introduced on 15 November 2018. Fares will be deducted from your balance by holding the card against a validator when you get on and off the buses. This is in line with other automatic fare systems like Gautrain and MyCiTi in Cape Town. Cashless systems make the bus service faster, safer and more convenient.

This is how the paper tickets work:

When the passenger boards the bus for the first time on a trip, they must get their ticket validated by the driver. It will be clipped and a date and time will be stamped on it. From the time of validation, the ticket is valid for one hour, allowing the passenger to transfer between buses during a one-direction trip without paying again. After completion of the trip, they must not throw the ticket away like a single ticket, but keep it and use the rest of the 10 trips within 30 days of first validation. It is important to keep the ticket in a safe place and not let it fold or get wet, otherwise the ticket validator on the bus might not be able to ‘read’ (or validate) the ticket again next time.

Ticket Vendors

Zimasa Dluthuza 078 739 3257
Beatrice Daniels 073 708 8613
Vuko Maintenance 083 558 2856
CD Simango Transport 073 457 8301
N Veto 078 558 0944 / 073 867 3795
Nomakhaya Pokoloshe 073 769 6142
Nomasizakhe Mepeni 073 147 7925
NLN Mlambo 078 212 7246
Zoliswa Bhefili 083 338 8848
Sipho Kaleni 073 686 8952
Yandiswa Xhaso 083 5046 778
Jody's Café 36 Golden Valley 044 870 8913
Millies 30 George Road 044 870 7057
Waldien Bosman 125 Vloed Street 076 419 5409
Captain's Cabin Cradock Street 044 874 2264
Eden Caltex 13 Courtney Street 044 874 6937
Eden Take-Aways Cnr York and Doneraile Street 044 873 3933
Engen Multi Motors 41 Knysna Road 044 871 1516
Good and More Cradock Street 044 873 5236
Key & Lock Services Market Street 044 874 0912
Albertstraat Vulstasie Cnr Nelson Mandela BLVD & Kragstasie Street 044 884 1316
Atlantic Oil 108 Nelson Mandela Blvd 044 875 9273
Total Sandkraal Nelson Mandela Blvd 044 875 8334
Janine’s Busy Corner Shop Shop 1, Wolhuter Street 044 811 4771
Abdul Awal 20 Marigold Street 084 086 3865
Andrew Vernon Carolus 8 Dahlia Street 083 581 5205
Caltex Fourway Motors York Street 044 878 0315
Denro Trading Hibiscus Street 071 323 7861
Martin Reimann 26 Heather Road 083 791 2338
Oliare Rahman 1 Flamink Street 074 634 5706
Pacaltsdorp Superette 10 Kerk Street 044 878 0590
Pacaltsdorp Pharmacy 47 Mission Street 044 878 1700
Riadh Trading 140 Protea Weg 084 621 7696
Roma's Catering Enterprises Section Street 083 540 9862
Sindwezama General Trading 4691 New Dawn Park 061 805 6468
JPH Pato 7852 Adam Street 073 243 8623
Manuel Brown 8048 Isaac Crescent 074 440 3645
Rosedale Superette Genesis Street 083 478 2247