On the bus

When you board the bus, have the right money for the fare, or present your prepaid single- or multi-journey ticket. Fares are based on distance travelled between where you board the bus and where you get off at your final destination, including transfers. The further you travel, the more you will pay.

Your ticket will be stamped with the date and time you boarded. Keep your ticket safe so that you can use it for transfers. You may be asked to produce your ticket. If you can’t do so, you will be required to leave the bus at the next stop.

Take a seat, remembering that priority red seating is reserved for special needs passengers, including the elderly, pregnant women and adults with small children. The buses are designed for seated as well as standing passengers, with enough support for standing passengers to keep balance.

Ensure that items such as prams and shopping bags are safely stowed in the area provided.

Press ‘stop’ to get off at the next bus stop. The bus will only stop if you press the stop button, unless there are people waiting to board the bus.