Tickets & fares

1. How much does a ticket cost, and how is the cost calculated?

A single ticket bought off bus from vendors currently costs R10, and a ticket bought on the bus costs 12. This price difference was implemented to encourage passengers to buy their tickets before boarding a bus. This will save time and enable the system to stay on schedule. Multi-journey tickets (MJTs), valid for 10 trips, cost R90. The buses will run on a distance-based fare system and the fare is linked to the minimum wage of a domestic worker as determined by the Department of Labour. The fare calculation takes into account the capacity of an urban domestic worker (minimum wage) to afford the cost of public transport, based upon national objectives that no more than a certain percentage of an individual’s monthly income should be spent on transport. All the routes implemented thus far fall within the shortest (15km) distance band and will thus be charged at either R10 or R12 per trip (single tickets purchased off and on bus), or R9 (MJT). For trips longer than 15km, a 5km incremental fare increase will be applicable. This is a government-subsidised fee, and not the real cost of travel, and will be adjusted annually.

2. How do I buy a ticket? And can I pay with my debit card?

On board a GO GEORGE bus, single tickets can be bought with cash only. Passengers are requested to keep the exact amount (R12) ready when they buy tickets on the bus, to make the driver’s task easier and to save time. Multi-journey tickets (MJTs) as well as single tickets can be purchased at authorised outlets and mobile vendors for a reduced amount (see point 1).  If the ticket vendor offers card facilities, you may be able to use a debit card to buy your tickets. To travel on the bus, every passenger needs his/her own ticket. There are plans to implement a Smart Card payment system in the future.

3. Can my children travel with me on my ticket?

No, each passenger requires his/her own ticket. If your child is 4 years or older, they will need their own ticket.

4. What is a multi-journey ticket?

The cheaper and convenient GO GEORGE multi-journey ticket is sold at registered ticket vendors all over town, and by mobile vendors. This ticket currently costs R90 and is valid for 10 bus trips (within 30 days from date of first activation, and for 1 hour after activation within a radius of 15 km). This is a saving of R1 per trip, compared to the single-journey ticket which costs R10 when bought off bus, and R3 when compared to the single ticket bought on the bus (R12, cash only). The added convenience of the multi-journey ticket is that you buy once for a period of time, don’t have to carry cash, and it speeds up the boarding process on the bus.

See the multi-journey ticket vendors


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The GO GEORGE Smart Card is replacing the paper ticket system of the bus service from 15 November 2018.

To give all passengers enough time to get to a card distribution point, Smart Cards will be issued from 15 October. For visitors to the city, as well as passengers who don’t usually make use of the
bus service, a single ticket can still be bought on the bus with cash, whereupon a printed receipt serving as a ticket, is issued. However, these tickets cost more than the prepaid trips loaded onto the GO GEORGE Smart Card and will require the buyer to keep the right amount of cash handy. We encourage all passengers to purchase their Smart Cards as soon as they become available.