22 September is Car-free Day!

GO GEORGE Car Free Day

22 September has been set aside worldwide as this year’s Car-free Day to remind the world population that there are alternative ways to get from point A to point B – be that by foot, by cycling or, here in George, by using the con-venient GO GEORGE bus service. There are currently more than one billion motor vehicles on the roads, world-wide, with the inescapable impact that has on pollution when each individual uses his/her car to get to work.

Public bus services in South Africa is high priority for our Government and aimed at getting people to be less dependent on their cars, thereby limiting negative effects such as air pollution.
Car-free Day strives to relieve pressure on Planet Earth for one day per year by en-couraging people to use alternative transport, and of course, to make them aware once again of alternative modes of transport, every day.

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