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A most welcome addition to the already popular multi-journey ticket that GO GEORGE-passengers have been able to buy from specific vendors since May,will be introduced from 3 July 2015. This single ticket costs R8.50, the same price as the tickets that may still be bought on the bus, but may now be bought beforehand at the same vendors that sell the multi-journey ticket.

Not only is this service convenient, but it also means that passengers don’t have to carry cash with them, avoiding the security risk it poses. The biggest benefit, however, is the time it saves when boarding the bus.

The Executive Mayor of George, Alderman Charles Standers, is delighted with the user-oriented approach which makes it increasingly easier for passengers to use the bus service. “City Council envisaged a hassle free service,whereby it would be possible for the citizens of George to travel safely and quickly to work,family, studies or recreational places any time of the day or evening”, he added.

“The time consumed by ticket sales on the bus has been one of the biggest contributing factors to our buses not being on schedule all the time,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “Therefore GO GEORGE passengers canassist everybody by making use of this convenient service. We are really excited about each further step in the direction of a smooth-running, scheduled bus service. It is now seven months since the first routes have been rolled out in December last year, and we are systematically clearing obstacles in the way of our goal.”

Passengers are cautioned that the ticket machines on the buses are sensitive to moisture and that the pre-purchased tickets should be kept safe and dry, otherwise the ticket machine cannot read and validate the ticket.

The multi-journey ticket is valid for 10 trips and costs R75, a saving of R1 per trip. “We do realise, however, that not everybody will always have the money for al a multi-journey ticket, so we want to boost and encourage the culture of buying your ticket at vendors before you board the bus by adding the single ticket,” says Robb.

See the vendors here…

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