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Co-passengers deserve respect and courtesy

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Using the bus service should be a pleasant experience for all. To make sure that everybody understands what is expected of them when using any bus facilities – the Hub, bus stops and the buses themselves – GO GEORGE has drawn up Conditions of Carriage. These rules are meant to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers and can be read on all buses.

The conditions prohibit any passenger to act in a manner that disturbs the public peace. This includes using alcohol or being drugged or drunk on the bus or at a bus stop, and shouting or using foul or abusive language towards fellow passengers or staff.

While pointing out undesirable behaviour, GO GEORGE also encourages courteous and kind behaviour among passengers.

  • Be kind and help the elderly or disabled person, or the woman carrying a child as well as shopping bags to get on the bus.
  • Please make way for passengers with special needs to board and get seated first.
  • Use earphones to listen to your music while waiting for the bus.
  • Join the queue at the bus stop, respecting those who got there first.

Latest News

• Distance travelled since inception: 38 246 603 km
• Bus trips operated since inception: 2 473 683
• Current route network: 33 routes - 142 km
• Passenger trips since inception: 34 798 088
• Average passenger trips per month over the last year: 448 639

Today we celebrate International Day for Older Persons
Let us protect and respect our elderly for the important contribution they have made to our society!

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