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Conditions of carriage ensure safety and comfort

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Using the bus service should be a pleasant experience for all. To make sure that everybody understands what is expected of them when using any bus facilities – the Transport Hub, bus stops and the buses themselves – GO GEORGE has drawn up Conditions of Carriage. These rules are meant to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and can be read on the inside of all buses where a copy has been applied.

While pointing out undesirable behaviour, GO GEORGE also encourages courteous and kind behaviour among passengers, such as:

  • Be kind and help the elderly or disabled person, or the woman carrying a child as well as shopping bags to get on the bus.
  • Please make way for passengers with special needs to board and get seated first.
  • Join the queue at the bus stop, respecting those who got there first.



  1. Co-operate with GO GEORGE staff at all times.
  2. Please give up your seat for some-one who might need it more than you do, such as a frail or elderly person, a pregnant woman, or someone with a disability, especially if you are seated in one of the priority red seats.
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Unattended baggage will be removed.
  5. No toxic or inflammable products such as paraffin, petroleum, gas or spirits may be conveyed in a GO GEORGE vehicle.
  6. Respect other passengers by not playing music audibly, talking loudly or using profane language. Headphones are acceptable.
  7. No vandalism or unauthorised advertising is allowed.
  8. No begging or loitering is allowed.
  9. No person may travel without a valid and validated ticket.
  10. No firearms or dangerous weapons are allowed on the bus.
  11. No eating, drinking or chewing gum is allowed on the bus.
  12. No smoking is allowed on the bus.
  13. No littering will be tolerated – please use bins provided.
  14. No passenger will be allowed to act in a manner that disturbs the public peace – including being intoxicated – on the bus, or to use language that is obscene or abusive to fellow passengers or staff.
  15. No hawking or informal trading is allowed.
  16. No animals are allowed except authorised assistive animals.

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Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.
Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.

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