COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: Face masks a must on Level 4

Supermarket staff

From Friday 1 May 2020, no person will be allowed to use any form of public transport – including GO GEORGE buses – without a cloth face mask, a homemade item or any other appropriate item like a scarf or towel to cover the nose and mouth.

This measure to curb the spreading of the Covid-19 virus was announced by Government as part of Level 4 lockdown regulations. As the instruction includes the wearing of such gear in any public place, people should already be adhering to the rule when they leave their homes and not only when they use the bus service.

We appeal to passengers to co-operate for their own safety, as well as that of co-passengers and our staff. This rule will be strictly enforced. Let’s work together to beat the virus!

** We are awaiting final instructions form the Minister of Transport about the scope of service on Level 4 and will update passengers as soon as we have clarity.

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