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Erin’s bus comes home

Erin's bus
Erin Woolley (12) has built a GO GEORGE bus, complete with back, front and inside lights, for a science project. She has been invited to “park” her bus at the GO GEORGE office, adding to the collection of children’s drawings and colouring-in pictures about the buses, already decorating the office walls.

Travelling or walking to school in George, it is most probable that you will encounter a GO GEORGE bus – or two or three – on the way. Add to that a mom who works for the company that puts the “make-up” on those buses, and the idea of doing something ”bussy” for a school project, is even more probable.

Erin Woolley (12), a grade seven learner at Holy Cross Primary School, impressed classmates and teachers alike with her impressive GO GEORGE bus for their Natural Science and Technology (NST) assignment at the end of last year. Erin’s mom, Karyn, works at Ramcom, the local company responsible for repairs and rebranding of damaged large vehicles, and the official body shop servicing the well-known blue and green fleet.

“Our instruction was to build a structure that would heat up, light up or move, including a home-made switch,” says Erin. “Since GO GEORGE is sort of part of my mom’s work, I immediately thought to build a bus from steel. I was hoping Ramcom would help me with the spray painting and branding, like the correct GO GEORGE colours and logo, and fortunately they did. That really helped a lot.”

Erin’s sleek bus certainly lights up, as required. Her home-made switch has three different settings, either switching on the front or back lights, or a light inside the bus, earning her a whopping 93% (28/30).

According to the young bus builder, her teacher, Leon Prezens, was quite impressed with her project. “He used to tell the other kids, ‘If you need a lift home, remember, you can always take Erin’s bus!’.”

Erin’s bus is still in perfect condition, it’s future a point of discussion within the family. “My mom says maybe we can give it to GO GEORGE, but I’m not sure whether they will really want it. I mean, where will they put it?”

In the meantime, GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb, heard about this suggestion. He immediately contacted Erin, inviting her to park and showcase her bus in the GO GEORGE office. “It is such an honour to be entrusted with Erin’s bus,” he says. “It really warms our hearts to see our city’s children buy into the public transport concept, even in this way.”

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