George Transport Hub will be super convenient

The new George Transport Hub currently being built at the GO GEORGE horseshoe in Cradock Street will be a modern, user-friendly facility, making public transport the first choice for an even bigger part of the community.

Costing R15 million, the new under-cover centre will comprise six bus stops and loading areas, two entrances, four high-security ticket booths, toilets, an information centre, com-fortable seating (231 seats), hand railings to separate queueing passengers from buses, bicycle racks and shade trees.

An important design principle is the univer-sal accessibility for people with special needs, like tap rails for people with limited vision.

Energy saving is brought about by the use of natural light and ventilation, and low water usage toilets score points on the green side. The galvanised steel structure and finishes do not require paint and contribute to the low main-tenance required by the building.

Only local contractors and workmen are in-volved in the project that should be completed by December – something to look forward to! The convenient facilities should more than compensate for the current inconvenience around the construction site.

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