Get your GO GEORGE Smart Card now!

GO GEORGE is proud to announce the implementation of the long-awaited GO GEORGE Smart Card, resembling a plastic bank card and replacing the paper ticket system of the bus service from 15 November 2018. This card that will be tapped on a card reader upon boarding the bus, will save much-needed time for the buses to stay on schedule, while also solving the problem of littering that came with the paper tickets.

Cards available from 15 October

To give all passengers enough time to get to a card distribution point, Smart Cards will be issued from 15 October. Initially, with the introduction of the Smart Card, registered cards with two trips will cost R20. This means that in reality, the card itself does not cost the cardholder anything since the two trips would have cost R20.

To see where you can buy your Smart Card from 15 October, click here.

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