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GO GEORGE buses rerouted during Lights Festival

Enough buses to take festival goers home, but only until 21:00

GO GEORGE will be making adjustments to certain routes to accommodate the annual George Lights Festival on Saturday, 2 December 2017. Service hours will not be extended beyond the normal schedule, but enough buses will be made available to get everybody home safely after the lights have been switched on.

York Street will be closed between Hibernia Street and the circle in front of the George Museum from 12:00 till 22:00 on Saturday, with the Denneoord, Rosemoor and Pacaltsdorp routes consequently cutting out that part of York Street. The northern lanes of the circle will remain open to traffic, being used as single lanes in both directions.

Coming down Caledon Street, Route 56R Denneoord (anti-clockwise) will turn left into Courtenay Street, travel through the circle and turn right into Meade Street instead of York Street, where it will turn left into Market and along its usual route to the CBD. The forward (clockwise) route will follow the same route back to Denneoord.

Passengers from Denneoord going to the festival, can disembark at the Cathedral B (146) stop at the Oakhurst Hotel in Meade Street, or at the at the George Library stop in Caledon Street.

Rosemoor routes 53 and 53B will turn left into Meade Street instead of York Street as it comes up Courtenay Street, left into Market Street and on their normal route to the Rosemoor stop in Cradock Street. Rosemoor passengers going to the festival can disembark at the Wellington (565) stop in Courtenay Street, next to George Preparatory School.

The Pacaltsdorp routes will turn right into Market Street from York Street, instead of travelling right up to circle, left into Meade Street and right into Courtenay Street, following their normal route from there on. The closest stop to the festival grounds for passengers from Pacaltsdorp, would be the Cathedral B (146) stop at the Oakhurst Hotel in Meade Street, and the Meade (149) stop in front of the white church (Moederkerk) in Courtenay Street.

Catch a bus home before 21:00

Residents are encouraged to make use of the bus service to attend festivities in York Street and at Unity Park. However, passengers are reminded that the last evening buses will depart between 20:00 and 21:00, according to their normal last trip schedule, and that festival goers should not wait until 21:00 to find room on a bus.

For any further enquiries, please call the GO GEORGE Call Centre at 0800 044 044 or send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za.

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