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GO GEORGE easing out reduced service

GO GEORGE buses en route
GO GEORGE buses will be returning to several routes that have been inactive since the beginning of lockdown in March, at the same time reverting to the normal timetables.

Normal timetables, more routes and 100% capacity

With the recent implementation of Level 2 of the national lockdown, GO GEORGE will start easing out the reduced service from Sunday 30 August 2020. The announcement follows in-depth discussions between stakeholders about the readiness of the bus service and available staff to return operations to the normal schedule.

On Sunday 30 August 2020, Route 24 CBD-Loerie Park-Mall will be reinstated and run according to the reduced timetable, along with the other currently active routes. Capacity restrictions are lifted at the same time, with seated as well as standing passengers allowed until the bus has reached 100% capacity. Social distancing remains a safety measure in and around the buses and bus  facilities. Passengers who do not feel comfortable getting onto a full bus are encouraged to take a later bus and not to travel during peak times if possible.

From Sunday 6 September 2020, the service will return to the normal timetables, but with the last trips of the day departing at 20:00 and not 21:00 as usual.

Three more routes will also return to service on 6 September: Route 61 Pacaltsdorp Community, Route 18 Parkdene – Blanco, and Route 13 City Loop. The two remaining inactive routes – 53B Rosemoor Express and 58 Heather Park Heatherlands – will only be reinstated at a later stage.

GO GEORGE safety measures still in place

Drivers and passengers are still required to wear masks on the bus and wash or sanitise their hands regularly. Dispensers with sanitiser have been installed on all buses for the convenience and safety of passengers.

At the George Link depot, the rigorous cleaning and sanitising regime stays unchanged with the interior of buses being sanitised before and after every duty.

To ensure good ventilation, all windows are opened when the buses leave the depot, and passengers are requested not to close windows, but rather dress warmly.

Mayor pays tribute to George Link

George Executive Mayor, Alderman Leon van Wyk, expressed the Municipality’s appreciation for the way the management and staff of George Link, the vehicle operating company for GO GEORGE, performed their duties under very difficult circumstances.

“The tenacity and commitment of every cleaner, technician, driver, planner, manager – every single staff member – deserve the respect of the George community,” Van Wyk said. “Some days, up to 70 staff members were absent from work; there were days when 60 drivers were off duty at the same time, either positive with the Covid-19 virus, or isolating because they had been in contact with infected people. Two drivers lost their lives – all in the line of duty. On behalf of our community, I thank every worker keeping the wheels rolling. Let’s acknowledge their sacrifice and do everything we can to keep ourselves and them safe by adhering to the safety measures, going back to almost normal service.”

For more information, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 where agents are on duty from 05:00 until 20:00, seven days a week. Alternatively, visit the GO GEORGE Facebook page for the latest service updates, or send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za.

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