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GO GEORGE improves timetables

May '17

New timetables will improve service for all passengers.

GO GEORGE has announced timetable changes to be implemented on Sunday 7 May 2017. These changes impact most of the current routes and include additional trips on
certain routes, as well as important changes to the schedules to accommodate passengers’ needs.

Adjusting the bus service to cater for changing user needs is an ongoing process, sometimes also affected by external factors such as new developments in town. GO GEORGE works hard to minimise further timetable changes, but sometimes, changes are necessary. The best interest of the community is always being considered.

New timetable pocket guides are available from the Info Kiosk at the Transport Hub and GO GEORGE Champions.

Passengers using the following routes, should pay special attention:

Route 1B Harmony Park – CBD

This route gets additional trips during peak times, which causes changes to the entire schedule. Please consult the timetables.

Route 1E New Dawn Park – CBD (hospital bus)

Passengers should take note of minor changes to the departure times of this early-morning bus.

Route 12 Pacaltsdorp – Garden Route Mall

The timetable of this route is changing completely. Take note that the current 17:35 bus from the Mall will be replaced by an earlier 17:20 trip. Before 12:00, this route departs from the Clinic 406 stop, just around the corner from the Pacaltsdorp police station.

Route 1C Protea – CBD

Previously, this route ran during morning peak time on weekdays only, from the Protea terminus directly to town via Mission Street. Since the 18 th of April, there are also four afternoon trips from the CBD back to the Protea terminus.

These trips depart from the York C 866 stop next to Protea Pharmacy in Market Street at 15:00, 15:53, 16:50 and 17:47. It makes one more stop at the Cradock stop (756A) in Market Street, turns right into Cradock Street, right into Victoria Street and travels along York Street back to the Protea terminus in Pacaltsdorp.

The morning trips depart from the Protea terminus at 05:25, 06:18 and 07:17, turns right into Hibernia Street from York Street, and right into Cradock Street.

Take note that Route 1C differs from the other Pacaltsdorp routes.

Route 14 Pacaltsdorp Industrial

Take note that this route serves the industrial area in a clockwise as well as anticlockwise direction.

Route 60A Syferfontein/ Rosedale – CBD

This route will offer more trips to Rosedale and to people waiting at the Olympic stop. See timetable.

Route 24 CBD – Loerie Park – Garden Route Mall

The three midibuses on this route that depart from town in the morning, will now depart 5 minutes earlier at 05:50; 06:50 and 07:50.

Passengers who need assistance with trip planning, are welcome to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 between 05:00 and 21:30 daily.

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