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GO GEORGE passenger satisfaction measured through survey

Jul '23
A group of children in school uniform sitting in a bus.
Parents all over town welcome the safe travel option for their children to get to school and back home.

The latest results of an annual passenger satisfaction survey conducted among users of the GO GEORGE bus service have confirmed that most passengers are highly satisfied with the GO GEORGE service and the opportunities it provides in terms of accessibility and mobility. They appreciate the flexibility of the system and say it is safer and more secure and affordable than their means of transport before the implementation of the GO GEORGE service. 

The survey done on behalf of GO GEORGE by research specialists in the socio-economic field aims to determine the overall socio-economic impact of GO GEORGE, including the macro-economic and transport economic impact. 

According to Morné Lakay, Acting GO GEORGE Manager, the outcome of the survey is compared with previous results for benchmarking and to guide GO GEORGE regarding specific areas that need to be addressed. “In this way, we continuously work to improve overall user satisfaction and ensure a high-quality, reliable, affordable system that addresses the needs of all users – both existing and potential future users,” he said.

Most user satisfaction scores have improved significantly from the previous year, confirming the continued commitment from GO GEORGE to provide a public transport service of high quality, resulting in a positive passenger experience.

Safety on the bus scores almost 100%

99,63% of interviewees reported feeling safe and secure on-board the GO GEORGE buses. 

Lakay says this “statement of trust” would have been celebrated under normal circumstances. “However, the incident earlier this year of the petrol bombing of a bus carrying passengers is casting a shadow over this positive result that was recorded at the end of last year. Still, the bus service is not vulnerable because of one isolated incident. Criminality is ultimately a social issue that needs to be addressed. Although GO GEORGE does not have control over criminal actions from outside, we want to provide a safe travel experience for our passengers as far as possible and will continuously reinforce resources and efforts to do so,” he said.


With accessibility such a high priority for GO GEORGE, it was gratifying to learn that most passengers with disabilities and other special needs find GO GEORGE very accessible, both at bus stops and on board the buses, addressing their travel requirements. It was interesting to note that 35% of interviewees indicated that they have special needs when travelling. This includes people who are disabled, elderly, pregnant, travelling with small children or who experience some form of mobility challenge.


By using GO GEORGE, 92% of passengers interviewed have noted that they pay less for transport than before. The fact that passengers do not pay again to transfer between buses within one hour from starting their journey, significantly contributes to reducing their monthly travel expenses. 

“This kind of feedback is heart warming,” commented Lakay. “The prioritisation of public transport investment is no longer a nice to have; it is an absolute necessity. Government subsidises public transport – GO GEORGE trips included – so that nobody should have to turn away a job opportunity because they cannot afford to travel to work.”

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