GO GEORGE Smart Card: buy your card or top up here

Top up graphics for vendor list

GO GEORGE Smart Card kiosks have been reopened to sell cards and do top-ups, from 05:00 until 19:00 daily.

These kiosks are situated in York Street, at the Transport Hub in the CBD, Blanco Triangle and Garden Route Mall. A Smart Card mobile vehicle parks at Parkdene Secondary School during the same time to service passengers in that area.

The following vendors are open for top-ups; they do not sell cards:


Caltex Blanco, 15 Montagu St
Millies, George St
New Life, 16 George Rd


Follow me, 53 Hibernia St
Good and More, 114 Cradock St
Merriman Café, Merriman St
Central Store, Hibernia St
Yorkers Superette, 16 York St
Madiba Superette, George Arcade
Fresh Stop on York, 1 York St
Milk & Juice, Cradock St
A1 Plastics, 72 Hibernia St
Biltong Warehouse, Harry Mann Square
Biltong Warehouse, York St
Biltong Warehouse, George Arcade
Foodz, 8 Memorium St


Denneoord Multisave


Family Shop, 30 Golf St
Community Vendor, 57 Apollo St


Post @ George, Cnr 4th & Akasia St
Biltong Warehouse, Knysna Rd
Computer Store, Paddagat Centre


Why Not Take Aways, Tamsui Industria
Mamun Supermarket, Sandkraal Rd


E & L Superette, 23 Kalossie St


Brown Country Grocer, 40 Beach Rd
Green Haven, 2 Protea Rd
Belair Café, 1 Flamink St
M Hasan Stores, 5093 Japonika St
JR Butchery, Section St
MDA Shop, 4787 Primrose Crescent
Grasshopper Grasdienste (M Brown)
Sommer So, 55 Rose St

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