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GO GEORGE takes Smart Card to the people

Smart Card Mobile Sprinter
Smart Card mobile truck
The two GO GEORGE Smart Card mobile vehicles are literally Smart Card kiosks on wheels. The sprinter minibus and truck are clearly branded and will be spotted easily where they park. Both will offer exactly the same services: selling Smart Cards and sorting out problems with passengers’ cards, as well as selling trip top-ups.


With the new GO GEORGE Smart Card becoming available on 15 October 2018, George residents are encouraged to get their cards in time for 15 November, the big day when passengers will start using the card on the bus.

In addition to the four permanent Smart Card kiosks and one temporary distribution point, two Smart Card mobile vehicles will be travelling to different parts of town on a fixed weekly schedule, from 15 October onwards. This is a permanent service which will not only sell Smart Cards but will also take a top-up service to passengers who don’t often get to the kiosks or Smart Card top-up vendors.

“We realise that not everybody will be able to get to a kiosk, so, to ensure this new system benefits all our passengers, we are moving into the communities with our mobile vehicles,” said James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager.

“The Smart Card mobile vehicle schedule has been designed to do more shifts in areas without a kiosk close by. The fact that this is a fixed schedule – initially between 12:00 and 20:00, seven days a week – means that people can plan ahead to visit the vehicle at a specific location, at a specific time. Once they have their Smart Cards, passengers can visit a vehicle to top up their cards with trips. Our mobile vehicles are simply Smart Card kiosks on wheels and will offer the same services as the kiosks,” Robb said.

During the introductory period, mornings are being kept open on the mobile schedule to accommodate special requests from businesses or organisations for a vehicle to stop by and sell Smart Cards to their staff. Any business owner, manager or school principal with a large number of bus passengers is welcome to phone 0800 044 044 or send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za to set up an appointment.

The mobile schedule in the form of a leaflet is available from GO GEORGE communication champions and the Info Kiosk at the Transport Hub, as well as on the website www.gogeorge.org.za, or the GO GEORGE Facebook page.

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