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GO GEORGE website talks to you now

Apr '17
ReadSpeaker now on Go George
This visually impaired website user was impressed with the new audio feature on the GO GEORGE website. Users can customise ReadSpeaker in terms of reading speed, text-highlighting options and volume, and also has an option to download the item as an mp3 file.

As part of the quest to be as user-friendly and accessible to all members of the public as possible, GO GEORGE has now installed the ReadSpeaker application on this website.

This special feature supplies clear audio reading of website content by the click of a button that appears next to all the English items. The service does not include any other indigenous languages. The user can customise the feature in terms of reading speed, text-highlighting options and volume, and also has an option to download the item as an mp3 file. ReadSpeaker is compatible with screen-reading software and other accessibility tools used by people with limited vision. However, it has a wider application than just for people with generally accepted visual impairments, as it provides enhanced access to people that do not have high literacy skills too.

According to Jeremy Opperman, Manager of the Western Cape Government Disability Desk, ReadSpeaker is a useful convenience tool that benefits all users of the site. “The GO GEORGE website is very accessible in general for blind users. I had no difficulty navigating the site and going on any of the links provided. The ReadSpeaker feature adds an extra level of convenience to experiencing the site,” said Opperman, who has impaired vision himself. “Congratulations to GO GEORGE for paying attention to not just the access of the bus system, but the website as well.”

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