Hip Hop Hype hits GO GEORGE

Carpe Diem Hip Hop dance crew

Watch this inspiring video featuring the award-winning Hip Hop dance crew of the Carpe Diem School for learners with special needs, with which the GO GEORGE bus service puts the cherry on top of a month-long programme to enhance awareness for the rights of people with disabilities. A sterling group of youngsters rising above their individual challenges and motivating others – watch them perform in and around the UA-friendly GO GEORGE buses.



[Video description: This video features a group of 6 learners from the school performing different dance moves both in front of and inside a still-standing GO GEORGE bus – 2 children dancing in wheelchairs and another one in a wheelchair doing a handstand on his wheelchair. The GO GEORGE buses have been designed with the following accessibility features that are being mentioned in captions underneath the visual material: Ramps and hoists for people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices; audible announcements; written announcements on a digital board inside the bus, priority seating and wheelchair docking facilities. At the end of the video, there is a photo of each child, stating what their challenge is, and an inspiring quote from the child, saying how they have risen above that and what dancing means to them.]

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