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Integrated routes give passengers options to best suit their needs

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One of the benefits of an integrated network of routes such as operated by GO GEORGE, is that there are always several options when planning a trip. We encourage our passengers to consider all these options in case there is an alternative that might suit their needs better.

Various routes between CBD and Garden Route Mall

Passengers needing to get to the CBD from the Garden Route Mall may use Route 7 (CBD-GR Mall), Route 53B (the shortened Rosemoor route), or Route 24 (CBD-Loerie Park-Mall). To help you compare sensible alternatives, the longer Route 53 (Rosemoor-CBD) is not included here.

The buses on these three routes will mostly arrive soon after one another. For your convenience, we give you the timetables and duration of these routes as they depart from the Mall during afternoon peak time.

Being flexible and creative when planning your trip, will help you to make the best use of the bus service.


DID YOU KNOW 198 Mall - CBD time comparision box


DID YOU KNOW 198 Departure times from Mall box

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