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It’s easy to use the service if you know how

Destination board
DESTINATION BOARD: Digital boards at the front and on the pavement side of the bus to indicate the route number and destination of the bus. When the bus is due to return to the depot for a shift change, it will read “DEPOT” or “OUT OF SERVICE” and will not stop at any stops.

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Using the bus service is easy and simple, if you keep a few basic tips in mind.

Plan your trip and transfers

When you plan your trip – before you go to the bus stop – make sure whether you will need to transfer to another route to reach your desti-nation, and at which stop you should get off to board another bus. Plan for enough time to be at your transfer stop in time. The information officer at the Info Kiosk at the Transport Hub will gladly assist you, and give you your own Timetable Pocket Guide which is available at no cost. Alternatively, you may phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

Buy your ticket

It is best and cheapest to pre-purchase your bus ticket at a GO GEORGE ticket vendor or one of the mobile vendors at the bus stops. This saves time when boarding, and saves money. If you are going to buy your ticket on the bus, please keep the right amount of cash ready, if possible.  Drivers do not have change for R100- and R200 notes.

Your bus ticket should be kept unfolded and dry to register on the ticket validator on the bus. Make sure that you keep it safe and dry in a wallet or handbag – even your ID book should do the trick.

Raise your hand to stop the bus

To indicate to the bus driver that you want to get on his/her bus, passengers should step forward and raise one hand when they see the relevant bus approaching. It is important to do this in time for the bus to come to a stop. Should you remain seated in the shelter or don’t raise your hand, an approaching driver will assume that you are waiting for another bus that also passes that stop. The bus route and number is displayed on the digital destination board on the front of all buses.

Latest News

The Grade R and RR learnes of Blanco Primary School enjoyed a visit with the GO GEORGE team, learning about the bus service and how to behave on and around the bus to ensure a safe ride. 

Don’t wait until there are no trips left on your GO GEORGE Smart Card.
Go to https://www.gogeorge.org.za/fares-tickets/ and scroll down the page for an up-to-date list of all the top-up vendors.

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