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Legacy kids awaiting Georgie’s visit with great excitement

A group of children wearing green GO GEORGE sunscreen caps, laughing, waving and jumping, with the mascot Georgie in the middle.
Fun and laughter, singing and dancing, and of course … photos with Georgie! That’s what a visit from GO GEORGE to Legacy Centre is all about.

It has become an institution at Legacy Centre in Denneoord that the GO GEORGE mascot Georgie will pay a visit during November, Disability Rights Awareness Month.

The happy youngsters with different kinds of challenges attending the centre excitedly compete for a selfie with their “friendly bus” friend and enjoy dancing and singing along with his merry tunes. Over the years, there have been photos of Georgie with some of the Legacy kids who have grown from little nippers the first time to almost as tall as Georgie himself by now.

This year, one of the learners even insisted on getting a new outfit in the blue and green colours of the GO GEORGE bus service to wear for Georgie’s visit.

In between all the fun and laughter, important rules about safety in and around the buses were shared with the kids and judging by the way some eager beavers were prompting the presenter, the message had struck home before and stayed there.

(Some children with special needs experience sensory discomfort when wearing masks. Children at Legacy are not forced to wear masks, but with a teacher/child ratio of one to three at the centre, it is fairly easy for the teachers to maintain a safe distance between the children.)

A tall boy standing nect to the mascot Georgie. He is almost as tall as the mascot.
Migael van Deventer is one of Georgie’s oldest friends and has caught up in height with his favourite mascot since their first photo together had been taken.
Children posing for a photo while peeping throught the cut-out windows of a banner in the shape of a GO GEORGE bus.
There are many ways to take a bus trip! The kids at Legacy Centre had lots of fun with the different kinds of photo backgrounds GO GEORGE brought along.
A handmade card in the green and blue colours of GO GEORGE, with the words: From George … to beyond.
A very special handmade card was handed over to the GO GEORGE team visiting Legacy Centre. The card will be added to a wall of children’s art in the GO GEORGE office. The photo shows the back of the card: From George … to beyond!

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Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.
Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.

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