Mandela Day: GO GEORGE surprises elderly with blankets

Mandela Day blankets handover

Handing over the blankets are GO GEORGE champions Shartencia Phillips (left) and Shilnea van Coller in the front, with Rosemoor Old-age Home staff members, at the back, from left, Maria Coerecius, Nomonde Magwa and Sister Marihana Matthys.

GO GEORGE staff always enjoy demonstrating care and compassion by giving of their time to the community on Mandela Day.

This year, however, Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and safety measures complicated matters a bit. No reason, though, not to warm the hearts (and knees) of some elderly residents! A snuggly knee blanket for each resident in the Rosemoor Old-age Home was delivered on Mandela Day, and although the rewards of personal contact with the elderly were not possible this time around, GO GEORGE champions were able to hand over the donation to staff members of the old-age home, while keeping safe social distance.

Another group of champions visited several busy stops all over town and handed out GO GEORGE plastic rain ponchos to passengers.


Mandela Day blankets

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