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Municipality announces GO GEORGE tariff increase

Hold your card here
Passengers need to have a GO GEORGE Smart Card with trips to travel on the bus. No cash is currently allowed on the buses as means of payment for a trip.

More options for loading trips on Smart Card

The George Municipality has announced the annual increase in the GO GEORGE bus fares that will be implemented on 19 July 2020. The increase forms part of the annual municipal tariff adjustments.

Load single trip on Smart Card now

To meet the needs of passengers who do not travel frequently and cannot afford to buy more than one trip at a time, the option to load a single trip on the Smart Card will be introduced at the same time. This single trip will cost R12.

However, bundles with more trips remain the best buy. Smart Card trips bought in bundles of 10 or more will increase by only 50c per trip to R10, and bundles of less than 10 trips will cost R11 per trip (also a 50c increase).

Apart from saving money, for their own safety, passengers are encouraged to load enough trips at a time to last them a while. During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is safest to avoid queueing at a kiosk or vendor every few days.

Transfer at no cost

Considering that within one hour after first boarding, passengers can transfer to as many buses as needed to get to their destination without paying again, using the GO GEORGE bus service remains one of the most affordable ways of travelling in George.

Smart Card prices

Purchasing a card for the first time costs R22 (upon showing proof of identity) and includes two preloaded trips. The normal price of the card is R25, does not require proof of identity, and does not include any preloaded trips. Any person is allowed to buy cards for family, friends or employees and can even make use of the first-card offer for people whose identity documents they have brought along.

Trips loaded on a Smart Card never expire. This means that trips bought before the tariff increase stay valid.

For more information, please call the GO GEORGE Call Centre at 0800 044 044, or send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za.

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