NATIONAL TRANSPORT MONTH – GO GEORGE statistics: a story of growth

GO GEORGE buses leaving depot

GO GEORGE buses leaving the depot before sunrise for yet another day’s service.

The GO GEORGE bus service has transported passengers over a distance of more than 3,5 million kilometres over the past municipal financial year. Over the same period – July 2018 to June 2019 – a total of 259 761 trips have been operated.

While Government is focusing on transport awareness during October, GO GEORGE is proudly celebrating progress with a look at the statistics that tell a story of growth and service to the community of George.

Bus fleet

Having started out with 10 buses in December 2014, the GO GEORGE fleet now consists of 54 standard buses (including the new MAN buses), 33 midibuses and 35 minibuses.

Automated fare collection

One year since the sales of the GO GEORGE Smart Card started in October last year, 22 996 cards have been sold to date. This is way more than expected, considering the number of passengers using the service on a regular basis. Indications are that the broader community bought cards to have them on hand should they occasionally want to use the bus service.


A total of 4 123 489 (4,1 million) passenger trips have been undertaken over the last year, averaging 12 481 passengers per weekday. The daily weekday average has in the meantime grown to 13 742 in September.


The road network coverage on the current 24 routes that are being operated in phases one to three, is 121 kilometres. That is the length of road utilised by GO GEORGE, irrespective of the number of routes that use it. Substantial upgrades have been done on roads on the network, including roads that had to be prepared for upcoming roll-outs.

Bus shelters are installed at stops that carry high volumes of boarding passengers once a route has stabilised and user patterns have been established. To date, 112 basic shelters have been installed, of which 58 have also been fitted with lights. The first batch of customised shelters designed for high-traffic bus stops are currently being installed in Cradock Street in the vicinity of the Transport Hub.

James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, expressed his appreciation for the dedication of all role-players in taking the bus service forward in George. “We remain committed to our part in Government’s plan to bring affordable and reliable public transport to the people,” he said

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