New bus stops convenient and safer

New safer convenient bus stops

With the rerouting of the GO GEORGE service between Rosemoor and the Garden Route Mall to the new road behind Eden Meander, passengers working at Blue Mountain Village and the car dealers in the area have been requesting a bus stop closer to their places of work. The new Eden Meander stop at the entrance to Blue Mountain Haven gives nursing staff at this frail care facility peace of mind.

Here Patricia Stander is waiting for the Rosemoor bus just after 19:00, when daylight is already fading. “We really feel much safer now, even coming to work in the morning when the sun is not up yet. I just get off the bus and enter the complex a few meters further. In the evenings, I hardly have to wait before catching my bus. Previously, the distance between my place of work and the nearest stop really felt unsafe to walk in the dark.”

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