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No more cash on GO GEORGE buses

GO GEORGE goes cashless

GO GEORGE has announced that from Sunday 28 June 2020, cash will no longer be accepted on buses as a means to purchase trips. This forms part of the bus service’s continued efforts to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus and has from the start of lockdown been mentioned as a safety measure that would be implemented at some level of response to the pandemic.

Until further notice, the GO GEORGE Smart Card, introduced as a payment option about 20 months ago, will be the only means of paying for trips. The cost of the card is minimal – R21 for a person’s first card, upon showing proof of identity, and including two preloaded trips. The normal price of the card is R25, does not require proof of identity, and does not include any preloaded trips. Any person is allowed to buy cards for family, friends or employees and can even make use of the first-card offer for people whose identity documents they have brought along.

Where to buy a Smart Card

Smart Cards are sold at the Smart Card kiosks at the Transport Hub in the CBD, in York Street next to the Civic Centre, at the Blanco Triangle and the Garden Route Mall. Two Smart Card mobile vehicles also travel through town and park at dedicated locations according to a fixed weekly schedule. Cards can also be topped up with trips at these fixed and mobile kiosks.

Where to top up with trips

A network of top-up vendors has been established all over town, mostly as part of existing businesses, and is continually expanded with new vendors coming on board. These vendors only do top-ups and do not sell cards. Trips loaded on the Smart Card have always been and will continue to be considerably cheaper than cash trips bought on the bus.

Find details about top-up vendors or the Smart Card mobile schedule here, follow GO GEORGE on Facebook, send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za or phone the Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.
Do not extend your legs or personal belongings into the aisle - this can cause someone to trip and fall.

Don’t wait until there are no trips left on your GO GEORGE Smart Card. You can top up at any of the GO GEORGE Smart Card kiosks, at a mobile kiosk parked near you, or at more than 100 top-up vendors all over town.

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