Pedestrian safety is a top priority

Busstop safety

The safety of pedestrians at and near bus stops is as much the concern of GO GEORGE as the safety of passengers on the buses. It is not safe to cross a roadway right in front of or behind a bus, even if it is stationary. Vehicles overtaking the bus may not see you crossing.

Pedestrian safety

The bus stops have intentionally been placed to be near a zebra pedestrian crossing, or an intersection with a pedestrian crossing. The clearly marked designated crossings between two intersections are known as mid-block crossings. In some instances, crossings are paved and/or built up to allow a seamless and direct walking experience and force motorists to slow down.

Intersections are designed to allow maximum visibility of pedestrians. Cars are forced to reduce speed or to come to a complete stop. Please walk the short distance to the nearest crossing and be safe.

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