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Pedestrians are part of the transport system too

Feb '19
Pedestrian safety (4)
Please use clearly marked designated crossings at intersections, or mid-block crossings that are usually situated between two intersections.

Though GO GEORGE supplies public transport by bus, our passengers are pedestrians until they set foot on the bus and after they alight. Their safety, as well as the safety of all pedestrians around our buses and bus stops, is our concern.

This is the reason why our entire system, including our buses, sidewalks and bus stops have been designed to ensure maximum safety for all road users.

GO GEORGE bus stops are specifically planned to be close to pedestrian crossings, either at intersections or mid-block. We appeal to passengers, and school children in particular, not to cross the road at the bus stop, but to use pedestrian crossings. Other vehicles passing the bus will not expect a pedestrian suddenly appearing in the road, while a pedestrian right in front of or behind the bus, will not be visible to the bus driver either.

Pedestrian safety (3)
It is not safe to cross a roadway behind or right in front of a bus, even if it is stationary. Vehicles overtaking the bus may not see you crossing.

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