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Plan your trip to enjoy the full benefits of the bus service

Tools to plan your trip

GO GEORGE is a scheduled bus service that runs on fixed routes at fixed times, making it a convenient and reliable means of transport. All of these benefits are lost, however, if you don’t plan your trip, and can still leave you standing at a bus stop for unnecessarily long periods of time.

System information in the form of a handy timetable pocket guide with route maps are available at the info kiosk at the George Transport Hub in Cradock Street. For a quick browse, this information can also be viewed on the website, www.gogeorge.org.za. Brochures with information and tips on how to use the system may also be obtained from the information officer on duty.

Transfers are easy

Once you have the timetables and the route maps, you can plan your trip. You might have to transfer to different routes on your journey, but these transfer points are easily identifiable on the maps. The important thing is to make sure at what time you need to depart to catch connecting buses to your destination, and still reach it in time.

Shorter route not always faster

All the GO GEORGE community routes are bidirectional, meaning they go around in loops, with bus stop on both sides of the road. You can get on the bus on either side of the road, anywhere on the route, and will eventually end up back where you started. One might think it’s best to take the shortest path, but depending on the timetable, the next bus going the long way around may reach your destination sooner, because it departs earlier than the short-route bus.

The idea is that passengers can decide which direction will get them to their destination the quickest, although both directions will get them there. This is where the pocket guide with both route maps and timetables comes in handy and why it was designed to fit into a pocket or handbag to carry with you at all times.

Frequency changes

The frequency or time between buses vary during the day, according to demand, and should be checked on the timetables. Weekday and weekend schedules also differ for the same reason.

For any enquiries or assistance in planning a trip, phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, from 05:00 till 21:30 daily.

Plan your trip

Latest News

• Distance travelled since inception: 38 246 603 km
• Bus trips operated since inception: 2 473 683
• Current route network: 33 routes - 142 km
• Passenger trips since inception: 34 798 088
• Average passenger trips per month over the last year: 448 639

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