Rerouting due to roadworks

A route map depicting the rerouting of buses due to roadworks in Market Street

Starting 10 May 2021, for approximately 22 weeks

Due to roadworks in Market Street starting from 10 May 2021 and proceeding for at least the next 22 weeks, no buses will be able to enter the street from York Street. Please see how the affected routes will change during this period so that you can plan your trips ahead of time.


Travelling towards the CBD from the Garden Route Mall, the bus will travel around the CBD in the opposite direction to its normal route. This means that from Courtenay Street, the route will turn left into Cradock Street and to the Hub where Route 53 will temporarily use stop 563F CRADOCK opposite the Hub, and Route 53B will use stop 563E CRADOCK.

Departing from the CBD, both routes will continue traveling down Cradock Street, turn right into Market Street, right into York Street, around the circle and along Courtenay Street heading in the Rosemoor direction and back to the Garden Route Mall.

Missed stops:

  • 565 WELLINGTON (alternative: 482 WELLINGTON, or 133 CATHEDRAL C in Cradock Street in front of Charlene’s)
  • 148 MEADE (alternative: 149 MEADE at white church)
  • 141 CATHEDRAL (alternative for Route 53 and 53B passengers: 140 CATHEDRAL at Arts Theatre; alternative for Route 56 passengers: Transport Hub)
  • 866A YORK C (alternative: 553 MARKET C in front of the Post Office)


Route 56R will deviate from its normal route when travelling towards the CBD along Caledon Street. Instead of turning into York Street and then into Market Street, the bus will proceed down Courtenay Street and turn right into Cradock Street towards the Hub. The normal route back to Denneoord will be followed.

Missed stops:

  • 141 CATHEDRAL (alternative: passengers are advised to use the Transport Hub)
  • 866B YORK C (alternative: passengers are advised to use the Transport Hub)

ROUTE 1C NEW DAWN PARK – CBD (only afternoon trips)

Travelling down York Street from Pacaltsdorp, only the afternoon route will be rerouted to turn into Hibernia Street instead of Market Street.

Since most bus routes travel along or cross Market Street on their way to or from the Transport Hub, passengers are advised to make provision for possible delays on all routes. Please prepare to catch an earlier bus to ensure that you still arrive at work or school in time.

You are most welcome to phone our Call Centre on 0800 044 044 for any enquiries or assistance to plan your trip.

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