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Photo of passengers getting off the bus.

Our buses comply with the Road Traffic Act and the more specific requirements of the operator contract. Operators will be penalised if buses travel too fast, do not adhere to routes and timetables, are not clean or do not comply with several other contracted obligations. Drivers are expected to drive considerately and within the law. Speed of the vehicles is limited and buses are monitored by tracking devices. 

In accordance with international public transport trends, GO GEORGE buses will stop inlane at most bus stops, except where indented bays are required for safety reasons. Indented bus stop bays are expensive and add to delays in the bus service while buses wait to rejoin the traffic flow.

Buses will only stop where passengers want to board or alight. Motorists will be delayed for a minute or two and are permitted to overtake stationary buses if it is safe to do so.

Some of the stops are positioned close to intersections. This increases access to the system, because passengers approach the bus stops from all directions and do not have so far to walk. Motorists need to be alert for pedestrians crossing to and from bus stops.