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Take the bus to school this year

Jan '19
School kids using bus
Taking the bus to school is convenient, safe and affordable.

With the new school year having started this week, parents’ transport schedules will also be taking on the regular frenzy of dropping and picking children up from school. The GO GEORGE bus service offers a very handy and practical alternative to residents in those areas where the bus system has already been rolled out.

“We’d like to remind parents that all children from the age of 12 years may use the buses on their own, while GO GEORGE cannot take responsibility for younger children travelling without adult company. This is such a convenient and safe solution, as well as affordable, that we really want to help parents work out a way to get their kids to school by bus,” says GO GEORGE Manager, James Robb.

“Our communications team is currently visiting all schools in areas serviced by the buses to inform grade eights about the different routes to school. Unique maps depicting the different options available to school and back home has been created for each school and are handed out and discussed with the young passengers. These maps can also be downloaded from our website,” he said.

“We need parents’ help, though, to educate their children to be safe around the buses, and to adhere to the rules which make a trip on the bus a pleasant experience for all passengers, including not vandalising the buses and bus stops. No eating and drinking is allowed on buses – this includes chewing gum that gets stuck onto any surface just too easily – and loud music or loud talking on cell phones is unacceptable too. But more importantly, we need kids to be careful when they get off the bus and cross the road, and not to walk onto the street from behind a bus where motorists might not have seen or expected them. The rule is to cross the road at a safe crossing point, which is why our bus stops have all been positioned close to a marked crossing. Please also explain to children the dangers of running alongside a bus and trying to touch it; we find this to be a popular and very dangerous game among the youngsters,” Robb warned.

For more information on the best routes to the schools in town, phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 or send an email to

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