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The Smart Card has gone live – here’s what to remember now

Nov '18
Smart Card user guide

How to transfer

You may still transfer from one bus to another without paying again within one hour from boarding the first bus.

The receipt you receive when boarding, will clearly show the time your hour expires. If you boarded with a Smart Card, you show this receipt together with your card to the driver when you board a next bus.

If you boarded with a paper ticket, you receive a R0.00-transfer receipt which you must show together with the paper ticket that has been punched by the driver.

If you bought a cash trip on the bus, you show only the R13 receipt you received as ticket from the driver, when you board the next bus. This is also your transfer pass.

IMPORTANT: If you buy a cash trip on the bus, make sure that you receive a R13 cash receipt and not a R0.00 transfer receipt – when shown a R0.00 receipt, the driver needs to see a ticket too, or you’ll have to pay again.

Smart Card User Guide

A very handy user guide with information about the use of the Smart Card is issued with every card at the time of purchase.  About the same size as the Smart Card when folded up, the guide was designed with a durable hard cover containing a special pocket for safekeeping of your card.

What to do when your card gets lost or stolen, or when it does not scan when you board the bus … it’s all there for quick reference.

The user guides are available at the Info Kiosk at the Hub or any Smart Card kiosk or vehicle.

Paper tickets phased out

From 15 November:

  • Start using Smart Card on bus
  • No more paper tickets will be sold, but you can still use your remaining tickets on the bus.

From 15 December:

  • No more paper tickets will be accepted on buses.
  • If you don’t have a Smart Card, you can buy a trip on the bus at R13.

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