Third camera on GO GEORGE buses to enhance service delivery

GO GEORGE control room

CCTV footage from the GO GEORGE buses is being monitored by staff in the control room during all operational hours. INSERT: On the right, this monitor clearly shows the three views covered by the three cameras: the bus driver, the passengers inside the bus and the road ahead of the bus. The inside cameras record sound as well. The map is linked to the electronic tracking system in the buses and indicates exactly where each bus is so that operators can monitor the schedule, at the same time assisting the Call Centre with enquiries.

Surveillance on all GO GEORGE buses forms an integral part of service quality control and passenger and driver safety. For this purpose, the buses have been equipped with two closed-circuit cameras until recently, but a third one has now been added.

The initial two cameras were installed to provide multiple views of passengers and drivers inside the bus. The third camera has now been installed to focus on the road ahead.

“The CCTV footage assists us when investigating any incidents or complaints,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “This surveillance allows us to monitor driver and passenger behaviour, and to ascertain whether buses are really full. It is crucial to monitor capacity all the time, to adapt the frequency, in other words, the number of trips within a specific period, where needed. The third camera provides accurate information when investigating incidents outside the bus.”

According to Robb, the footage is being reviewed by management regularly, complaints or no complaints, to ensure quality service.

For any enquiries or feedback, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, send an email to, or the GO GEORGE Facebook page.

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