Tickets now valid for all trips within one hour

GOOD NEWS! One passenger, one ticket, one hour, any direction.

A welcome announcement for the communities of George. Up to now, the single bus tickets were valid for one hour, but in one direction only, so that a new ticket had to be bought for return trips.

GO GEORGE fares are currently distance based and R8.50 for a single ticket covers a distance of 15km.

We have, however, noted that many passengers need to make transfers that could be interpreted as travelling back in the direction they came from. We have listened to feedback and until GO GEORGE can implement a more sophisticated or smart card system, we are simplifying the process.

One passenger will be allowed with one ticket, to travel in any direction in town, for one hour after validation of the ticket.

That means that you can drop your little one at school and travel back home with the same ticket, as long as it all happens within one hour.

For any enquiries, please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.

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