Understand the information on the bus stop sign

Bus stop signage

One of the basic elements of the GO GEORGE bus system that passengers need to understand is the signage at the bus stop. Each bus stop has a sign placed at the top of a pole that provides valuable information.

  • The stop’s name is always derived from the nearest street that crosses the one in which the bus stop is situated. This name is printed at the top of the sign.
  • On the left, vertically down, is the number of the bus stop, which makes it easy to give an exact description of the stop if you need to give directions to anyone. This number should also be mentioned when you phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre (0800 044 044) to ask about the arrival of the next bus, or for any other route-related information.
  • At the bottom right, the numbers of all the routes that stop at that bus stop, are listed. Make sure that the one you need to catch is listed there. If not, call the Call Centre and ask for help.

When the bus with the relevant route description displayed on the digital destination board (situated at the front and the door side of the bus) comes along, please step forward and indicate with your hand that you want the bus to stop. Since several routes use the same stop, buses only stop when passengers indicate that they need to board that bus. This improves the travel time on the bus as the bus won’t need to stop at every stop if not required.

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