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Nov '19
Go George lost and found
Call Centre agents Lee-Anne Wiltshire (left) and Nozandi Cwati unpacking some of the items left on the bus. Cellphones and keys seem to fall out of bags and pockets easily.

From a bicycle wheel to pork chops, baby formula, cell phones, ID documents, backpacks and a box full of SIM cards – the stuff left behind on GO GEORGE buses never ceases to amaze!

It seems that passengers get caught up in conversations, or are in such a rush to get off the bus, that they forget what they had been carrying when they boarded. Although passengers are responsible for their own property and the bus company can take no responsibility for items left on the bus, there is a system in place for goods found on the bus and handed in by other passengers, or found by staff at the end of their shift. All lost and found items are handed in, in case someone should enquire about it.

The best route is to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 as soon as you realise that you have left something on the bus. The agents there will contact the appropriate unit and give immediate feedback to the passenger looking for a lost item. All found items are taken to the GO GEORGE office where it will be kept for three months only.

To prevent dishonesty, people who make enquiry will have to describe their lost items very clearly before it will be handed over. The Call Centre is operational from 05:00 until 21:30, seven days a week.

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