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We should all help to stop VANDALISM

Jun '19
Vandalism shelter

Vandalism: wilful or malicious destruction or defacement of public or private property

This is one dictionary’s definition of the crime of intentionally damaging property belonging to other people. Why do people do this?

Some acts of vandalism occur as a prank. Because the destruction or damage might be slight, the actions are not observed as a crime. Young individuals observe vandalism as a way or game to show off guts to their peers.

The truth is, damaging public property is a criminal offence, and culprits will be treated as such and prosecuted.

But more than the consequences of these senseless acts to the perpetrator, the real victims of vandalism of GO GEORGE buses and shelters are the passengers who are dependent upon this transport service. It takes time and money to repair these facilities, while passengers have to stand in wind and rain. It takes time and a lot of money to repair buses, while taking essential vehicles out of circulation and putting pressure on the entire service to stay on schedule.

GO GEORGE is making an appeal to the entire George public to be on the lookout and stop culprits from:

  • breaking the glass panels of the shelters,
  • defacing these structures with graffiti,
  • tearing down rubbish bins at the stops and
  • throwing stones at the buses.

Let’s all take hands to look after the facilities and property provided for the convenience of all bus users and stop vandalism!

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