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Where do the roleplayers fit into the puzzle?

Most people have heard that GO GEORGE is the result of a partnership between the George Municipality and the Western Cape Depart-ment of Transport and Public Works (DTPW),  with the support of  the  national Department of Transport, together with George Link (wholly owned by licensed  local minibus taxi and small bus operators). What is not always clear to the public, is what the role of each party is.

National government sets the public transport  policy that guides the process, and also provides grant funding based on very specific criteria and conditions to cover the cost of certain aspects of the George Inte-grated Public Transport Network (GIPTN).

The Western Cape government is responsible (since 2004) for the planning and strategy behind the process of transforming and formalising the local minibus taxi and small bus industry, as well as the formalising of the public bus service, and has provided significant  grant funding over the years.

George Municipality, as the Contracting Authority and grant recipient, must enter into the contracts to implement the service, and  develop the necessary infrastructure together with the provincial government. A contract was negotiated and concluded between George Municipality (as the Contracting Authority) and the  newly formed  George Link. 100% of the shareholders of George Link are former licensed minibus taxi and small bus operators in George. George Link is contracted  to provide the public transport service, using buses leased from the George Municipality that owns the current fleet.

The GIPTN Management Unit, commonly known as the GO GEORGE office, is responsible for the strategic functions and operational management of the public bus service contracts.

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