Why can’t you charter a GO GEORGE bus for a trip?

Scheduled service graphic

Many people contact GO GEORGE, hoping to reserve a bus for a special outing or event. This is because not everybody is aware of the difference between a scheduled and a chartered bus service.

A chartered bus service may be contracted for specific routes and groups of people, such as those transporting school children and employees of a specific company. They might also transport people on special occasions.

GO GEORGE is a scheduled service and has fixed routes and schedules they must adhere to.  This means that even when buses are not full, passengers can still count on transport that runs on schedule, all day and not only at peak times. This forms part of the GO GEORGE vision of providing a reliable, accessible, safe and affordable public transport service.

Groups who want to make use of the bus via one of the scheduled routes are welcome to contact the GO GEORGE team to help them plan an enjoyable outing.

Call 0800 044 044 and leave a message, or send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za. A staff member dedicated to group trips will make contact and guide you all the way to an unforgettable trip.

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