Become a GO GEORGE ticket vendor

Business opportunity for smallest of businesses too

George Municipality is inviting community organisations, schools, businesses and home businesses – even as small as spaza shops – to apply to become vendors of GO GEORGE bus tickets. Not only will such vendors render a service to the community, but the sales of bus tickets will also bring more feet into their businesses.

“There are two reasons for expanding the ticket sales points,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “We want to take ticket sales into the community and make it easier for our passengers to obtain their tickets, while at the same time encouraging off-bus ticket sales. It slows down the boarding process when passengers buy their tickets from the driver on the bus, and becomes very difficult to keep to our time schedules and get passengers to their destinations on time.”

Full support and branding material is being provided to ticket vendors, and informational material explaining the operational procedures and requirements once you have become a vendor is available from

Formal application forms and Expression of Interest documents, however, are available on the municipal website ( under “Tenders”, or at Supply Chain Management, First Floor, George Municipality, 71 York Street. For more information on the formal application process – which has been simplified to make it easier for prospective vendors to apply – please call Henry Mitchell at 044 801 9021 or Allodene Jonas at 044 801 9021.

Applications close on 14 October 2016.

Download the Application Form

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