Graphic illustration depicting an intersection with a bus standing at a nearby stop.

GO GEORGE is a network. Depending on where you are going, you may need to transfer from one bus to another to reach your destination. It is important to get to know where the routes intersect so you can plan your transfers. You can transfer anywhere, but there are convenient transfer points shown on the routes page.

When you leave a bus at a transfer point, check to see if you are at the right bus stop for the next leg of your trip. You may have to walk across the road to catch the correct bus going in the right direction.

You may transfer from one bus to another without paying again within one hour from boarding the first bus. The transfer receipt you receive when boarding will clearly show (in bold print) the time that your hour expires. When transferring, you have to show the driver this receipt together with the Smart Card with which you have paid for the trip.