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Universal access

Graphic illustration depicting a blind passenger with a guide dog, and another one with a walking stick, finding his way on the tactile paving.

The GO GEORGE public transport system has been designed to be user friendly to all passengers, including those with different categories of special needs.

Ramps and hoists on buses

The GO GEORGE minibuses are the first and yet only public transport minibuses in South Africa designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs and those using mobility devices.

All standard and midibuses are fitted with ramps, and the minibuses with hoists, as well as docking stations for wheelchairs.

Tactile paving at stops

On most routes, bus stop platforms have been built up to reduce the step-up to the bus, making the system more accessible to everybody, while tactile paving makes it easier for visually impaired people to identify when they’ve reached the bus stop boarding point.

Consideration for sight-impaired users

Assistance animals such as guide dogs for the blind are allowed on buses, and audible signals warn sight-impaired users of doors opening and closing and the hoist deploying.

Visual information for the deaf

For passengers who are deaf or hard of hearing, the digital information boards on the buses indicate which stop comes next, while written instructions and warnings are applied inside buses to assist them in using the system.

Priority seats

All the buses have specially positioned red priority seating for people with special needs. It is required of passengers to give up these seats for anyone in need of them.

The Grade R and RR learnes of Blanco Primary School enjoyed a visit with the GO GEORGE team, learning about the bus service and how to behave on and around the bus to ensure a safe ride. 

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