GO GEORGE expands Rosemoor and Loerie Park routes

A last batch of route refinements for the year is being implemented by GO GEORGE on Sunday, 20 November 2016. More and faster routes will be added to the Rosemoor service, while the Loerie Park route will be expanded to the Garden Route Mall.

The entire existing system is being fine-tuned according to the latest results after intensive monitoring of the demand and passenger counts on all routes.

“We are putting in a lot of effort to get the message of the route changes across to passengers, and informing them of how the changes and improvements will impact their daily travel routine,” said James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “Apart from putting up posters with detailed route descriptions, timetables and maps at all relevant bus stops, we are also distributing Trip Tip leaflets that passengers can keep handy and refer to when they feel uncertain. At the same time, our communications team is engaging with businesses along the section of Knysna Road where employees will have to make use of alternative buses on this route from next week on.”

Route 24 Loerie Park will no longer travel along Knysna Road between Nando’s and Pine Lodge, but will travel through the residential area, down Saasveld Road, and turn left into Knysna Road to the Mall. Returning to town, the same route will be followed. Passengers who have been using the bus stops near Checkers and Pick n Pay up to now, can in future use the new Route 53A Rosemoor that travels to the Mall via Knysna Road during peak times (morning and afternoon). During the rest of the day, Route 7 CBD – Garden Route Mall is also an option.

Robb is appealing to employers on that route to support the GO GEORGE information drive by making their workers aware of the change. “We are already covering the route, but will gladly deliver Trip Tips or talk to employees if asked to do so. Such requests can be made by phoning our Call Centre on 0800 044 044. Employers are welcome to contact us to discuss any issues that are impacting on their workers due to the refinements,” he said.

Rosemoor passengers can look forward to the addition of two new routes, and a slight change to the original Route 53. Passenger feedback that not everybody needs to travel on the extensive Route 53 has led to these changes, as well as the completion of the back road behind Eden Meander, between the Garden Route Mall and Rosemoor, which now opens that route to be used by the buses.

The two new routes, 53A and 53B, are shorter routes. Route 53A will service passengers’ needs on weekdays, only during peak times, with six trips between 05:15 and 09:00, and again between 15:40 and 19:25. Route 53B operates on Saturdays only, and makes it convenient for Rosemoor residents to go either to town or to the Garden Route Mall for shopping.

Passengers are advised to pre-plan their trips using the material that is being handed out and published in the media. “Our Call Centre agents are available from 05:00 – 21:30 daily, so those who need assistance, are urged to make use of their service,” Robb said. “Don’t get caught short – plan first and phone us to check before you leave your house.”

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