GO GEORGE says thank you!

Georgie & Slim

It has been five years since the community of George welcomed their own new bus service into their daily lives and the green and blue bus fleet started crisscrossing the streets, forever changing the face of public transport in our town.

Much has been learnt during this time, and to a great extent, through the valuable feedback and cooperation of our passengers and the George public.

At the end of 2019, GO GEORGE thanks everybody – our passengers, the public, staff, George Link and all other stakeholders – for their enthusiasm, continued support, patience and commitment. While working non-stop behind the scenes to get to a point where the service can be expanded to the rest of town, the current service is constantly monitored to find ways to improve the system for the convenience of our passengers.

Enjoy a joyous festive season with loved ones and friends, travel safely, and hop on a GO GEORGE bus if you have not done so yet!

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