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Response to social media allegations of dismissed bus drivers

Rumours on social media containing incorrect perceptions about the dismissal of drivers of the GO GEORGE buses have come to the attention of GO GEORGE. George Link, GO GEORGE’s vehicle operating company employing the bus drivers, herewith responds to allegations that 100 drivers have been dismissed by the George Link Human Resources Manager, and are not enjoying the better life promised by Government.

During the 16 months that George Link has been delivering services in contract with the George Integrated Public Transport Network, the company has dismissed a total of 29 drivers. Twenty five were dismissed for being under the influence of alcohol, two for being under the influence of drugs, one for absenteeism and one for repeated abusive language. George Link delivers a public transport service and cannot tolerate any form of drug or alcohol abuse by its employees. The company has a zero tolerance alcohol policy. All George Link employees are tested daily when reporting for work. Employees who test positive with any alcohol level are charged and dismissal is the sanction, even for first offenders. George Link has 250 employees who abide by the alcohol and drug policy on a daily basis. The Human Resources Manager for George Link is not responsible for company policy or for employees being dismissed.

GO GEORGE bus drivers are recruited from the Affected Persons Register (APR) of the George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN), meaning that they must have been involved in the local minibus taxi industry to qualify for consideration, and have registered on the APR. This agreement follows from a very long negotiation process, ensuring that those affected by the phasing out of minibus taxis, will have the first opportunity of employment, providing they meet the pre-requisites agreed.

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• Distance travelled since inception: 38 246 603 km
• Bus trips operated since inception: 2 473 683
• Current route network: 33 routes - 142 km
• Passenger trips since inception: 34 798 088
• Average passenger trips per month over the last year: 448 639

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