Children should learn about the benefits of public transport

Visit to Twittering Trees Preschool

Community Officer Simphiwe Schaap with his two best buddies, Georgie (left) and Smartie, were indeed very smart and taught the kids a lot about GO GEORGE.

Children are growing up in a different world to that their parents were used to. Their world is different in terms of so many things including technological development, global opportunities, and what it requires from the developing child to be happy and make a success of their lives.

Unfortunately, their world is also fighting for survival against the threats brought about by these very factors, causing global warming and pollution of the air we breathe.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to expose children to public transport and the benefits it brings from a very early age – also those who have the privilege of a personal family vehicle.

Part of GO GEORGE’s public engagement programme focuses on schools and pre-schools, either visiting the school if the toddlers are too young to safely handle a group on a bus, or taking school groups on bus trips around town. These educational events are hosted by the GO GEORGE community liaison officer accompanied by an appropriate number of communication champions. He explains the workings of the bus service, its benefits to the community and the environment, the design and reasons for infrastructure that accommodates passengers with special needs, and why certain rules apply when you travel on a bus.

Smartie meeting Twittering Trees children

The tiny tots from Twittering Trees are learning about transport this month and made friends with mascot Smartie during the GO GEORGE visit to their school.

Variety of educational school projects

GO GEORGE explores a variety of channels to reach children with the message of public transport. A GO GEORGE board game, puzzle and activity book have been handed out at schools, and most recently, an industrial theatre group started visiting schools with a short, humorous play.

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