Drivers undergo rigorous training

GO GEORGE bus drivers are recruited from the Affected Persons Register (APR) of the George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN), meaning that they must have been involved in the local minibus taxi industry to qualify for consideration, and have registered on the APR. This agreement follows from a very long negotiation process, ensuring that those affected by the phasing out of minibus taxis, will have the first opportunity of employment, providing they meet the pre-requisites agreed.

Applicants who don’t have the correct licence to drive a bus yet, have to go through the process of acquiring a learner’s licence first, and then go to a local driving school which is contracted by government to supply training at the required level. They also have to pass a rigorous advanced drivers training course, and obtain a professional driving permit (PrDP).

Only now can they get started on “product training”, referring to the features on the bus such as the destination boards, hoists, ramps and the ticket reader, to mention but a few.

George Link, the vehicle operating company that employs the drivers, trains them on subjects such as pre-inspection of their bus before starting a shift, keeping a waybill and handling of and reconciling ticket sales.

Once the drivers are licenced to drive a bus and know how to operate a GO GEORGE bus, they also receive training in firefighting, first aid and customer care.

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